Weight Loss Tips and Guide


Not many people are aware but Bicycling is one of the best exercise to loose ounces of weight in a very short span of time.

Really, Oh no, Omg!

Are these your reactions then just hold on there is a lot more to it.

So here’s a quickie that if you Ride Bicycle for an hour,  then you may loose upto 800 calories.

Does it leave you stunned?

Definitely, it would. We have other information to stun you and get motivation for loosing weight.

People who ride bicycle loose:

Time in mins 150lb/68.1kg175lb/79.4kg 200lb/90.7kg 225lb/102.1kg250lb/113.3kg
10 mins95111127143159
15 mins143167191214238
30 mins286333381429476
45 mins429500572643714
60 mins572667762857953
1.5 hours8571000114312861429
2 hours11431334152417151905


Whenever we hear the word ‘ Running ‘, we think of doing treadmill or jogging in a park, which are the best source of  weight loosing techniques. Running is effective on all the body parts. It is not limited to a single part of body.

Most of our renowned movie stars do running and functional exercise to maintain themselves instead  of doing any weight training or heavy exercise.

Hence, I have some exciting information related to Running and Jogging which will motivate you:

Calorie Burning activity15 mins1 hour
General Jogging113450
Jogging in place 131525
Jogging in a mini -tramp66263
5 mph131525
5.2 mph150600
6 mph169675
6.7 mph188750
7 mph197788
7.5 mph216863
8 mph234938
8.6 mph244975
9 mph2631050
10 mph2811125
10.9 mph3191275
Cross country150600
Up Stairs2631050
On a track/ team practice169675
Training/ pushing a wheelchair131525