Battle of Food : South Vs North Indian Food

Indian food has been a treasure for India since several centuries. It has been defined such that people across the world visit India for one of this reasons. Nowadays, people have been creating vlogs over Indian food & establishing their careers into it. Indian food has given a lot to people outside India. As the Great British Chef, Gordon Ramsay has had millions of views from Indian food vlogs too. Many other Indian Food V loggers like Rocky & Mayur of Food Food & Nisha Madhulika, etc have established their Youtube careers through Indian Food.

Now, we come to the purpose, As we all know that being a North Indian we all have love for paranthas, Dal, Soya Chaaps, Burgers & pizzas, etc. But do we also know that how much calories we intake through North Indian Food. Here’s the list of Some Important North Indian Food Items with Calories:

North Indian FoodCalorie Count
A Bowl of Rice272
One Parantha130
One Stuffed Parantha210
One Bowl of Dal104
One Bowl of Veg. Sabzi150
Chicken Dish250
Fish Dish210
Sweet Dish230
Total 1726

How can we forget about South Indian Food if its all about food today. Being a North Indian, I have an immense love for South Indian food too. As it is easy to digest & very light as well. Many North Indians have opened their South Indian Restaurants in Delhi, Punjab, Noida, etc & have been established very well. But do we know how much calories we intake through South Indian dishes. Here’s the list of Some South Indian dishes with their Calories:

South Indian FoodCalorie Count
One Bowl Sambhar 121
One Tbsp Coconut Chutney44
One Plate Vegetable Uttapam 250
One Bowl Upma247
One Bowl Rasam118
One Plain Idli51
One Medu Vada103
One Masala Dosa415
One Bowl Chettinad chicken497
One Bowl Rice Payasam277

So now, you can choose your daily calories intakes with the type of food you love the most.